IBM’s full name is “International Business Machine”, but with the focus of business shift, IBM hardware business less and less, but commercial software and cloud services has become the focus of business. IBM hopes to enhance the competitiveness of the cloud market through services such as Watson Artificial Intelligence, which combines services such as block chain and information security. At the earlier IBM Interconnect conference, IBM found a number of existing Watson users to share the case, “artificial intelligence” and “cognitive operation” will be IBM’s most important weapons to challenge the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other players.


Morgan Stanley: IBM Cloud is seriously underestimated by the market

According to the Right Scale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the market leader with exclusive market share of 57% of the public cloud, followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and both the market also increased.

It is true that more and more companies are pursuing a multi-cloud environment, not a “zero-free” game with you, but the IBM Cloud is still a reality. But as we all know, IBM’s most outstanding performance in recent years is the artificial intelligence Watson, which has become IBM to enhance the competitiveness of cloud killer.

Washing Machine For Home. IBM Watson Makes “Everything is Smart”

When I attended the Google Cloud Next conference , Google wanted to use artificial intelligence and machine learning as Google Cloud’s value-added services, and the author at the IBM Interconnect conference not only see the same ideas, but also see IBM in business technology On the “real and not” side. Compared to other rivals, IBM Watson has been very mature, a large number of corporate customers come to power to share business application case experience.

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