Government requests for Facebook user data have grown in recent months, according to a report released by the company on Thursday. The Global Government Requests Report for the second half of 2016 shows that requests increased 9 percent, From 59.2 thousand to 64.2 thousand.

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Most of these requests are related to criminal prosecutions, such as robberies or kidnappings. In many of these cases, the government is requesting basic information such as name and length of access to the service. Requests may also include IP address records or account contents.

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Content restrictions for violations of local laws were down 28 percent from the same period last year, from 9,600 to 6,900.

Facebook also notes that, for the first time, it offers data on Internet outages that affect access to its products. The company states that disruption can “harm local economies and prevent people from sharing and communicating with family and friends.”

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“We continue to look for ways to work with industry and civil society partners to pressure governments around the world to reform surveillance in a way that projects the security of its citizens while respecting their rights and freedoms,” he explains.

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