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HACK ASIA – Cyber Security Conference

What is Hack Asia?

Hack Asia is cyber security conference based in Lahore whose the basic purpose and motive behind their events/conferences is to educate and aware the people of Asia against the ever increasing threat of “Cyber Threats”.

Details about the Event:

Have you ever wondered how do hackers break into stuff? How do they steal millions of dollars and yet remain undetected? How are credit cards stolen? How are networks breached? How are websites hacked? How do viruses and trojans spread? How do cyber wars start? How much can damage hacking cause? How much integrity can be lost because of it? Why is internet security becoming a necessity nowadays? Well, for the first time ever in Imperial College of Business Studies, HackAsia is bringing you a seminar to cover all these things. You will be told all the basic concepts behind hacking and the methodologies that hackers use to breach things and then you will be shown live demonstrations. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. YOU WON’T GET SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN ANYWHERE. There are no fees to confirm that maximum people can attend the event/seminar.

Important Announcement:

The attendees should bring their ORIGINAL IDs along with them for verification due to security risks. Those who don’t have CNIC can bring their school, college or university card.


*Ethical Hacking
*Bug Bounty
*Social Engineering


  • Jahanzaib Khan Durrani
  • Osama Mahmood
  • Harris Khan
  • Daniyal Tariq
  • Usman Javed


The date is 6th March 2017 (1:30 to 4:30 PM)


Imperial College of Business Studies
12 km Canal Bank Road, Bahria / Shahkam Chowk, Lahore,

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