Doctors want to “see the smell cut”, human patients can answer the doctor to ask questions, but if it is mechanical maintenance? Internet of things in the ascendant, networking devices can self-test, but the original device also has a way to become more intelligent. Earlier IBM Forum exhibited a variety of Watson application program, you can use the smartphone, so that the maintenance center for the traditional washing machine remote “auscultation”, artificial intelligence applications can have imagined infinite possibilities.

IBM Internet of Things

Separated for the washing machine “auscultation”, before the door has mastered the fault situation

“Wang Wenwen cut” is the term Chinese medicine, that is, the doctor to observe the patient’s condition, listen to the patient about the disease, ask the patient symptoms and pulse, replaced by Western medicine is only let the pulse into other physical examination, the actual is common in the West. However, if the maintenance of machinery can not naturally “Wang Wenwen cut”, maintenance personnel, in addition, to rely on the user about the failure of the situation, only by on-site inspection to judge, although not “delay the disease lead to death”, but certainly also make the maintenance process More complex.

In fact, fewer and fewer people are willing to do maintenance technicians, with experienced “old master” retired, young technician experience is insufficient, maintenance site is also increasingly tense. When there are consumers who require home repair, maintenance department can not send the old master every time, because the number is not so much, so every time also take a chance to see if the general maintenance of the master can solve, you can not solve the case Fu door. Even if the ordinary master to cope with, if just do not have the right parts, also have to choose the next day and then home maintenance, time-consuming crash.

Especially as the Chinese market such a large market, a time to return a high cost of time If every door before the repair is known what is the fault, need to prepare what parts, in order to do a door will be completed, not only reduces the maintenance staff several times the cost of home, the customer experience will be better aftermarket. In the earlier IBM Forum, on display a set of mobile phone calls can be used to the sound of the washing machine back to the phone customer center analysis of the technology.\

IBM Watson analysis voiceprint for pre-shipment inspection of the plant

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IBM Forum put an ordinary washing machine, the normal operation will only have the drum rotation of the sound, and if the parts loose or even fall off, there will be noise. And IBM show the technology will be able to rely solely on the collection of this murmur can be estimated what is the failure, when consumers call the phone to the customer center, as long as the call in the phone next to the washing machine, customer service center staff put the sound upload Let the IBM Watson analyze the soundtrack.

IBM Watson will be compared to the database in a large number of washing machine operating voiceprint, from the analysis of the microphone came the sound of the fault, which is the fault. As a result of machine learning, so the more voiceprint data more accurate. Customer Center analysis of the estimated fault situation, you can send to meet the maintenance of the master to bring the right parts on-site maintenance, greatly reduce the technical or parts of the problem was forced to come to the door and then repair the situation.

According to the site to explain the engineering staff revealed that the technology developed by the China R & D center, and has been widely used in Germany, industrial customers plant. These customers use the technology to assist in the quality inspection before shipment, in the washing machine (or other voice will be issued when the sound) to collect the sound, you can know whether the quality of the goods qualified, after all, no human eyes, with the sound can not Manually check the internal inspection can also know whether the parts off and so on.

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Does the car have a “wearable device“? Crash automatic alarm to save a life

IBM Forum also exhibited another networking solution, so that ordinary cars also have intelligent features. In recent years, more and more people choose to travel in foreign countries, but if the traffic accident, alarm, inform the insurance company is very troublesome, not to mention the accident when no one was found and lost. And IBM will show a plug can be inserted into any car has a car charging device, built-in sensor can know whether the vehicle was hit or fall, and immediately through the use of the Bluetooth-connected mobile phone to inform the insurance company, and even alarm.

The built-in sensor can detect whether the car has a sudden shock, and through the collection and Watson artificial intelligence analysis of the driver’s daily driving habits data to determine the end of the emergency break, crash, or even the driver accidentally collided to the car intelligent device, Immediately when an accident occurs, an alarm and an insurance company are notified. Because the device can be inserted into almost all cars have a car charging port, so the traditional car is not smart cars can also be “intelligent”, even if the car is not their own car can also use.

Because the built-in GPS can master the daily speed and driving mode of the car, just like the human wearing a wear device can know whether the insured is healthy and adjust the premium, this technology can help car insurance companies understand the customer’s driving habits, to determine whether the need to increase or decrease Premium. And as a general driver, this device can also reduce the accident in the insurance company to report the steps, if you encounter serious accidents and even timely alarm, save a life. According to the site to explain personnel that have insurance companies interested, I believe the future will be practical and universal application.


Summary: In fact, imagine how to use artificial intelligence or human engineers

In recent years, many media have talked about “artificial intelligence threat to mankind” worries, but IBM and other manufacturers competing to develop artificial intelligence are that artificial intelligence is far from being developed to threaten the human level, but can serve as human support to enhance human handling The ability to the problem. To repair the case of washing machines, the former must rely on the old master to deal with the repair site of incurable diseases, but if you can know in advance the condition can be prepared by the maintenance method to deal with the ordinary technician can cope.

And intelligent induction car accident device is to save the driver’s life. In fact, many previously did not imagine, or imagine the practice but not the application, through artificial intelligence to achieve, and these ideas are not from the artificial intelligence, but flexible thinking of human engineers. Engineers use artificial intelligence interactive interface, no smart car without smartphones, but also can make the traditional machine can turn smart devices, in fact, artificial intelligence did not imagine the terrible, but there are much imagination worth exploring.