Since releasing the Creators Update download, Microsoft has warned that it did not want everyone installing the Windows 10 update at the same time. Even so, the company has not banned anyone from downloading the software – so far.

Based on the feedback you have received from those who have already installed it, Microsoft has realized that some computers may experience problems because of Creators Update. Therefore, the company decided to prevent these people from proceeding with the process manually.

“Blocking the availability of the update to devices that we know will experience problems is a key aspect of our controlled release format,” the company said in a statement. “We decided what to block based on user impact, and issues [tied to] blocking are a high priority for us to resolve as soon as possible.”

Microsoft gives an example where the process was helpful: recently, the company discovered, due to the feedback from consumers, that there was a connectivity problem with Bluetooth accessories; Then, while working to solve it, the company prevented devices capable of experiencing the same thing downloaded Creators Update.

Microsoft itself acknowledges that not everyone is affected by these impediments, but the company wants people to have patience, because the ideal is to wait for the release according to the official calendar.

“It is important to note that when users use the software download site to install Creators Update manually, they avoid many of those locks, so we continue to recommend (unless you are an advanced user who is prepared to overcome some issues) That you wait until Creators Update is automatically offered to you. “