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The Notorious Hackers Forum “Team MaDLeeTs” is Back!

Notorious hackers MaDLeeTs forum is online since yesterday (march, 5th, 2017). The forum was down since from November 2014, it was the server side issue that made MaDLeeTs database crashed. They apologize their forum users/fan for not taking the database backup.

In the message they posted on their main pages says:

I’m sure many of our users and fans are thinking why is MaDLeeTs offline/down. Well, the reason is that our database seems to have crashed. (Post/Threads MySQL table have corrupted which we are unable to restore.) Our mistake was that we never took backup of MaDLeeTs since we never expected such things to happen. I know many of you guys might be sad/pissed and angry after knowing about this news since many of our users worked hard on posting. I (1337) feel sad to bring MaDLeeTs forum back after our loss of data. I am sure even if the forum gets back online, I believe no one would bother to post on the forum again due to poor admins. We, admins, are busy in our personal lives now. Therefore, we get really less time to get online on MaDLeeTs and to keep it maintained.
If you want us to start the forum again from 0, we always can. But that depends on you if you really want us to do so :).



When MaDLeeTs forum was up yesterday, the admins/crew members intention of hacking and defacing the famous search engine Google Indonesia & Malaysia, Domain registrar MontenegroSeychelles Islands and Famous Pro-Israeli Platform Israelforum.com have made an announcement after reopening the forum that:

Assalamu Alaikum and Hello Everyone!
Yes, MaDLeeTs forum is finally back. First of all, we would like to thank everyone for showing some love for MaDLeeTs while the forum had been offline. If we didn’t know how much people loved and missed MaDLeets forum, today this forum would have remained offline.
Since MaDLeets forum is back online, please keep in mind that we aren’t back for slapping websites like before. We have opened this forum just so users can share and gain knowledge. Therefore, anyone using MaDLeets on their defaces pages will be kicked out.
Many MaDLeeTs fans might not know that the forum is online. Therefore, we would need your help in spreading the message that the MaDLeets forum is back online! Without you and its users/fans, MaDLeets forum is useless. We hope you continue to enjoy browsing around on the forum. Have fun learning!

Well, that’s all from Team MaDLeeTs who have now become now cool & penetration testers. Tell us in the comment section what do you think will they come back in defacing?

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“Facebook is not any more free, You have to Pay for Status, Image and Video you Upload”